About Us

About our Members


Our members mostly live in the Monterey Bay area. Many members have years-to-decades of experience. We welcome beginners and experienced ponders including those interested in building their first pond, those with questions about ponds, koi and finding solutions to problems.

President: Dan Rutledge

Vice President: Rick Blazo

Secretary: Joy Kilner

Our Club Meetings


During Jan-May, we generally have club meetings at Santa Cruz Koi (4061 Soquel Dr, Soquel, CA) on the 4th Friday of each month at 7PM. We generally start with club business, Q&A, and a presentation by a guest or club member.  Presentations range from pond design, plumbing, electricity, koi, koi pests and disease, prevention, detection and solutions. Club meeting generally last 1.5 hours tho sometimes stragglers hang out  a little longer.

During Jun-Oct, we usually have  members-only “pond socials” at a club member’s pond. Its a good way to see a variety of ponds, get new ideas, ask questions and see how ponds work.

Joining the Club


Joining our club is easy. Annual dues are $30/family. Dues are paid annually in Jan. Bring a check to a club meeting or mail it to "The Monterey Bay Koi and Pond Club", PO Box 66141, Scotts Valley  CA 95067.

We are also a member of the Associated Koi Clubs of America. Members get discount pricing on AKCA's magazine (which most of get).

If you have questions, contact Michael